Revolutionary Cost of Ownership

Aligned to Business Success

Mambu makes world-class banking software and technology accessible to organizations of any size for any market opportunity.

With a subscription service fee that's based on your KPIs, we align our growth to your business success.

And with a complete cloud technology environment, enterprise-level security and redundancy you get access to technology previously reserved for only the biggest banks at a small fraction the cost.

Affordability and accessibility were vital considerations for us, as we look to build our business and grow our client portfolio.
Mambu’s easy-to-use, flexible platform was the obvious choice for us.

Enrique Gular
Owner, CrediPeso

Simple and Elastic

Our pricing model is simple and aligned to your success: charging a subscription fee based on the size of your organization. With a tiered fee structure,you pay as you grow: paying less and less on the dollar for your technology costs. Think of it as a simple technology fee: all-inclusive and a fraction of what your own legacy banking technology infastructure or a in-house team would cost.

Eliminate Capital Costs

Your capital is best put to use in the field in loans or in expanding your client base, not wasted on buying software licenses, servers and hiring IT staff to maintain it all. Mambu's subscription-based model eliminates up-front capital costs allowing you to put that money back into your portfolio where it's earning a return and growing your business.

EugeneMambu's business model aligns our success to the success of our customers. Why pay for users, features or servers with Mambu you pay based on results and we have every incentive to ensure you succeed and grow.

Eugene Danilkis

Co-Founder, Mambu

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