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The Engine for those Disrupting Banking

The banking industry is being distrupted with innovative fintech startups who are digitally driven, customer centric and who are leveraging the cloud. From online consumer and business lenders, invoice financing or p2p lending to digital banks, fintech innovators all over the world are competing with traditional banks and trying to win customer trust. Join some of the fastest growing startups and build your business using Mambu.

Innovate & Expand Rapidly

Mambu allows startups to run lean, experiment, be fast, and agile while focusing their tech resources on innovation. Launch a product in minutes or integrate with websites. With REST standard APIs, Facebook-like App integration and powerful tools like webhooks, we enable your IT teams to innovate, integrate and expand fast. At the same time, you'll be running on a robust complete core banking engine managing your portoflio, accounting and reporting: the boring but essential bits of banking.


Mambu Startup Program

A program designed for fintech startups being part of selected accelerators and incubators enabling them to bring their innovative customer or business focused financing products much faster and cheaper than building the technology fully in-house. We are proud to be working with partners around the world, including:

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By participating in the program, your portfolio companies can benefit from cost savings and faster time to market allowing for the quick launch of new loan and deposit products. Approach market opportunities with minimum risk and stay focused on innovating, knowing Mambu is the powerful engine taking care of all the processes behind the scenes. Learn what our partners say.

FinTech Startups

Launch innovative banking services quickly, re-focus your engineering efforts on what differentiates you from the competition, and be better positioned for growth and funding through the support of our scalable banking platform. Are you building a disruptive startup but you are not part of any accelerator/incubator? We'd love to hear from you, too! Tell us more about your project and we'll be in touch soon.

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