Mambu for Microfinance Organizations

Operate Like a Bank. But Simpler.

You're running a business with all the complexities of a bank but with a fraction of the resources. To improve your sustainability and competitiveness, Mambu helps you bring your processes, portfolio and client knowledge to a level of a bank but with none of the complexities. You'll be able to be more efficient, more informed and more confident in front of investors and donors without losing the close connection to your clients.

Increase Outreach & Grow Portfolio

As your business grows into servicing larger SME clients and more clients with more products, you'll want a partner and solution that can not only keep up but help drive this growth. From ensuring high quality data, to simplifying workflows, risk reporting and document management Mambu gives you all the tools you need to grow fast and confidentially.

Affordability and accessibility were vital considerations for us, as we look to build our business and grow our client portfolio. Mambu’s easy-to-use, flexible platform was the obvious choice for us.

The Mambu team have provided excellent support in order to get us up and running in a very short time frame.

Enrique Gular
Owner, CrediPeso

Reduce Internal Risk

Servicing a broad client base with uncollateralized loans is a big challenge and everything that reduces risks helps. Mambu gives you the tools to ensure you capture high quality client and loan data, prevent duplicate or ghost accounts, easily view and audit all activity as well as reduce portfolio risk with simple but controlled workflows and product rules.

Some of our institutions are growing much faster because they can now really focus on the clients, Mambu takes care of the rest. Mambu is really easy to use and it's's transformed our ability to grow our business, and as a result, we can serve more clients.

Luis Jimenez
Managing Director, Finca Costa Rica

Finca Group

Access More Funding Opportunities

Investors, donors, auditors and regulators are expecting an ever higher level of reporting, transparency and accountability from microfinance organizations. They are looking to support those with strong management, professional processes and insightful understanding of their business.

Mambu gives you the tools to easier access growth capital by delivering on these expectations by showing business control and understanding while reporting on financial and social performance

As we strive to expand and grow our services, we believe that Mambu is the best fit to support the MIS requirement of our operations. We are happy to be partnering with Mambu

J. Rico Coligado
President, Venture South Philippines

Automate Manual Processes

Piles of documents, incomplete applications and poor client knowledge wastes your time and risks your business. Mambu helps automate manual process by bringing everything online in a simple, beautiful complete package.

From SMS notifications, to account workflows and one-click reporting, Mambu helps make your business lean and efficient.

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