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Mambu is the SaaS cloud banking platform powering change for financial trailblazers everywhere.

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  • With Mambu you're... Customer-first.

    People want modern digital-first money services, on their terms. After all, banking no longer just happens at banks. Mambu lets you design and build nearly any type of financial offering to deliver better experiences for your customers.

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    Innovating shouldn’t be hard. Our technology, personalised support and advice, flexible APIs and extensive partner ecosystem powers your evolution, with Mambu at the core of your banking and lending architecture.

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    In an ever-changing world, Mambu will keep you future-proofed, cost-effective and ready to respond in super short timeframes. And as a cloud-agnostic SaaS platform, Mambu is scalable to grow with you.

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    In control.

    You choose who to work with and what to build. Our unique composable approach means independent components, systems and connectors can be configured any which-way you need, when you need it.

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    Truly Software as a Service.

    A true SaaS cloud banking platform. Compliant, secure, cloud-native and exceptionally fast to deploy. Our go lives are measured in days and weeks, not years.

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    Superb support & onboarding.

    Implementation is simple - we teach you to drive. You get regular updates instead of painful releases, ISO certifications and SLAs to meet your needs.

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    Loved by techies.

    From our low-code process orchestration to publicly available APIs and fully documented self-service environment, your developers feel right at home. Configure, don’t customise.

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    Heart of the ecosystem.

    Our partner network includes technology providers, system integrators, consultants and advisors, all supporting our customers to get things done. Vendor lock-ins and restrictions aren’t our thing.

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