The SaaS Banking Engine


The leading alternative to cumbersome core banking systems, powering innovative banking and lending.  Mambu is a cloud native solution, delivered as a service, the driving force behind modern API-enabled ecosystems. 


Unicorn Cloud Bank Powered By Mambu

Mambu is the SaaS banking engine behind the SME-focused OakNorth, helping them grow their loan book 2X YOY and be 10X faster than traditional banks.

Fast. Flexible. Simple. With APIs.

Built from the cloud up, Mambu is a powerful alternative to the costs and complexity of traditional core banking systems or custom in-house solutions

Global Fintech Powered By Mambu

Operating in 25 countries with over 1.8 million customers, Ferratum enters up to 4 markets per year as they deliver growth through rapid geographic expansion.

4.5M Clients Serviced. 400M Transactions Per Month.

From loans to deposits, from England to China, Mambus is the flexible engine powering financial institutions offering consumer and business banking services.




Online lenders, p2p platforms, consumer and business lenders new and old trust Mambu as their technology partner in nearly 40 countries, 24 hours a day.

Enabling The Fintech Revolution

A Platform for Innovation

A legacy technology infrastructure can be holding you back from launching innovative products to market, catching up to the online and mobile customer expectations and making your staff as efficient and productive as possible. It can also be a major overlooked operational and security risk.

Stay innovative and launch new products into new markets in the cloud or transform your current operations to serve your customers, your staff and your shareholders better. Mambu provides the complete banking software and infrastructure needed to digitize and grow your business.

The OS of Lending Fintechs

From online consumer lenders, business lenders, invoice financing or peer to peer lending, Mambu provides the infrastructure which will enable your to rapidly launch your services and move into new markets.

Leverage our infrastructure and focus your engineering efforts on that which adds value to your business: credit scoring, process automation, customer experience and leveraging new channels while Mambu provides a lean infrastructure to service your portfolio with a powerful API layer for integrations.