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A fifth of millennials think building societies lack online banking tools. And yet, 32% of them said they’d be more likely to open an account with a building society if they offered an easy to use smartphone app.

Mambu is on a mission to help building societies win over the next generation of customers. You already have lots in common. Our technology will help you make the connection.



Heard of composable? It offers flexible tech for your future.

Composable is what we’re all about at Mambu. Our platform lets you combine independent components to create the new financial products and services that you - and your customers - really need.

Re-use, swap in or swap out as needed. We’re cloud-native SaaS, which is easy to implement and very adaptable, no need to self-build. It’s all inclusive - updates, maintenance, hosting, SLAs and more.

With 100s of ecosystem partners, you won’t be locked into a single vendor, which gives you unrivalled flexibility. Some of our friends include ClearBank, nCino and OutSystems.

  • cost icon

    Cost effective too.

    Mambu’s platform is easy to deploy and scales automatically as you grow, allowing you to build your team flexibly and cost-efficiently. We’re 100% transparent about pricing - all Mambu customers operate on a single code base, this means no customisation and upgrade costs.

  • API-first.


    API: Amazing Product Innovation. OK, not exactly. But open APIs, the software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other, has become a democratising force within financial services. Mambu is an API first technology, which means simplicity in integration. It enables our customers to unlock the true potential of their data, in real time.

  • Move fast.

    Move fast.

    Traditional core banking transformations used to take years to deliver. Update your savings offering with Mambu in just a few months. We have worked with over 20 clients in the UK, including Tandem Bank, and never exceeded 9 months of implementation.

When building societies first started back in the 18th century, they were created by locals for locals to help each other buy property - really an early form of crowdfunding. Innovation is at the heart of building societies. Now is not the time to let legacy systems or vendor lock-in keep you from satisfying the next generation of customers.

Reaching a younger demographic is essential for long-term and sustainable growth. Look ahead and think carefully about what your next generation of members want. And give them a seamless experience and lower rates, thanks to reduced operating costs.

Mambu sponsored a new report published by Whitecap Consulting in partnership with the Building Societies Association (BSA) that highlights strong sources of differentiation for the building society sector. Want to know about potential opportunities for you to consider?

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