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We started with the ambition to bring banking technology into the digital-first world and to make it accessible for any market opportunity. Dreaming big but wisely, Mambu began with servicing microfinance institutions and fintech startups. Within two years our engine was adopted by 100 microfinance organisations, in 26 countries worldwide.

Mambu exists to empower people to deliver great modern banking experiences easily to everyone around the world. Who are these people that we want to empower? They are the developers, the architects, the business analysts, the accountants of our customers. They work with our platform, our teams, and our services to create great banking services and experiences for their millions of customers. They are trying to solve their market needs and opportunities for their customers, be they entrepreneurs in NYC, farmers in Kenya or SMEs in Brazil.

Today our customer list includes fintech start-ups, telcos and top tier banks including ABN AMRO, N26 and OakNorth, Globe Telecom and Orange. We operate on six continents and help customers constantly change the way financial institutions operate and innovate. As the industry leader in cloud banking, we are taking on the $250B market of banking technology worldwide, and service more than 180 customers with over 33M end users.

Mambuvians are about a team-first mentality: it’s not about each person showing off. In Mambu the best people are the ones who help others the most. Those get the most recognition, praise and long-term rewards. Get to know Mambu's executive team, board members and advisors:

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Agility. Speed. Dynamism

Most people would agree that interacting with banking has rarely been a great experience. The process has been cumbersome, often manual, frustrating and products and services are opaque and not tailored to individual needs. Technology has a big role to play in that and we at Mambu aim to provide a platform for anyone who wants to improve this banking experience. We work across a range of domains from personal lending, business lending, mortgages, trade finance, digital wallets, currents accounts and many more and will continue to expand to be able to service any financial services experience that can or will be built anywhere in the world.

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    With over 180 live deployments, we help to revolutionise financial services in more than 45 countries, and we're just getting started.

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    Mambuvians work within and across teams, continents and time zones. From Miami to Berlin to Iași to Singapore to Sydney.

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    To us, no customer is the same - they range from fintechs to incumbents, lenders and telcos - which means no day is ever the same.

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    Nothing ensures our customers’ success more than a happy team, so Mambu is built on a culture of trust and a true sense of ownership.

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    The financial industry is our home ground, which is why Mambu takes the initiative to improve it for the better.

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    Pets make the world a better place, which is why dogs are very welcome in our offices. The more the merrier!

Proactivity: We value people who identify and solve problems without having to be asked. People who anticipate, plan, and help others - staying one step ahead and adding value to everyone by solving problems. And of course it’s not just for themselves: it’s helping others with their problems, even without being asked.

Longevity: We also value people who look for solutions that can last. We’re not fans of shortcuts or solutions that will create more problems later. This means taking the long term view of the company and customers when making decisions. If shortcuts are sometimes necessary, then be very explicit as to the costs and tradeoffs so the decision is very conscious.

Questioning: We believe everyone has a right and obligation to challenge when they believe something is not right. So the boss isn’t always right, nor is the client. But first, successful Mambuvians seek to deeply understand beforequestioning. This means asking why. A lot. And valuing different opinions but respecting the truth and ideas more than any artificial hierarchy.

Appreciation: We appreciate others’ skills, viewpoints and time. Beyond common courtesy, this is best demonstrated by adding value in each interaction; by thinking ‘how can i make this person’s job easier’ and acting accordingly. The opposite of this is blindly forwarding emails and scheduling time-wasting meetings with people who don’t need to be there.

Evolution: Mambu is constantly evolving and the most successful Mambuvians are too. Those with a growth mindset rapidly rise to success at Mambu versus those with a fixed mindset. This means you’re responsible for improving, helping others around you to improve and not fearing taking a step the wrong way.

As we grow in scale and complexity, we increase our investment in people - our key differentiator. We think critically about the impact we want to make.
Elisabeth Brounts
VP People

Join us in our mission to enabling 1 billion people to have better banking experiences each and every day around the world

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