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Evolving into a flexible brand

Mambu’s vision is to make banking better for a billion people. We do that by building a business that is designed to last and constantly evolve. Mambu’s identity and brand evolve with it. The market we operate in never stops changing, and we take the opportunity to refresh and mature with it while remaining confident and energetic.

The Mambu brand is a visual representation of our positioning and philosophy. We drew inspiration for our entire visual identity from bamboo - a plant that embodies flexibility and stability like no other. Check out our brand video below:

We wanted to capture our core philosophy and composable banking really
epitomises best from the products and services we offer. This comes out in the
clear, new visual language we use - it’s confident, bold and more colourful.

Brandpage 1

The inside storyA fresh spin on a global brand identity

To wholly identify with bamboo, we chose a variation of it as our name, as in old Malay ‘Mambu’ stands for ‘bamboo’. At a deeper level, much like Mambu’s platform, our identity is designed for change and unpredictability. This visual theme that is inherently elastic and durable allows us to signal structure and flexibility simultaneously - a brand that is composable through-and-through.

Our identity has been fine-tuned to communicate the balance between our heritage and the perpetual motion of our business.
Eugene DanilikisCo-founder & CEO

Elements of our visual language

With a fresh approach to using colour, illustration and typography, built with composable attributes in mind, Mambu’s new visual identity puts a fresh spin on the look and feel of our brand.

  • Colour palette

    Our colour system leverages a broad palate of colours, allowing us the flexibility to communicate different things to different audiences. More sophisticated collateral will use dark purple and green tones, where more contemporary and energetic collateral will be treated with the bright blue tones.

  • Our typography

    Eina01 is Mambu’s only typeface. It’s a sans-serif typeface which is contemporary without being too modern and rational, but with a friendly and human touch. In order to achieve a minimal and clean look and feel, stick to Regular and SemiBold. For web purposes more font weights may be required.

  • Our icons

    Icons are to be kept simple and abstract in order to complement the colourful and complex design elements. They will mainly be used to visually identify a topic or concept. The bamboo structure defines the grid and graphic shapes. The leaves define the organic elements of the brand.

Typography Design

Building a flexible brand

Like bamboo, we continue to be green, but by introducing additional tones to the colour palette we allow new colour variants and strike a balance between young and mature. Same goes for other style elements - their added flexibility enables creative scalability of the brand. Our new visual language gives us the freedom to express how we work and who Mambu is as a company.

Mambu branding