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Harness the power of Mambu’s pure SaaS banking platform to seamlessly manage back office operations, so your team can focus on customers and innovation.

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In the digital banking revolution, legacy systems just don’t cut it

We are living in the midst of a digital revolution. Today’s banking customers expect to engage meaningfully using mediums that best suit them. Customers expect the highest level of service, and flexible on-demand products.

Legacy banking systems are unable to keep up with these changes. The resources required to constantly maintain and upgrade these systems takes away talented employees from focusing on innovation and product development. Fast-paced fintechs and startups are offering customers services that large banks are unable to keep up with. Major banks now need technology that works seamlessly with current systems, while getting the competitive advantage of a digital approach.

This changing landscape requires a revolutionary digital-first approach.

Enter Composable banking.

To stay competitive, your bank needs an innovative digital platform

Mambu frees you to rapidly build new banking and lending experiences with best-for-purpose technologies. Using Mambu’s cloud-native technology gives your bank powerful competitive advantages over emerging fintechs.

  • Create customer success stories.

    Evolve from traditional modes of customer support, to truly being customer obsessed. With fast deployment, powerful APIs, and easy maintenance, your teams now have time freed up to focus on what truly matters.

  • Be the first to market with new products.

    Mambu’s seamless architecture and flexible platform allows you to build, configure and deploy innovative banking products. Design and launch products without cumbersome legacy systems slowing you down.

  • Be truly agile.

    With Mambu, implementation happens in months, integrations are simple and updates happen constantly. This is your foundation for actual agility.

  • Easy integration.

    A composable banking architecture — the quick and flexible assembly of independent systems on a cloud platform — provides the opportunity for organizations to build on a dynamic platform with intuitive, responsive features that can be quickly and continuously updated.

  • Cost-effective and scalable.

    Working in a collaborative ecosystem that drives innovation and has a customer-centric focus is the only way for banks to win. Flexible, scalable and collaboration-based business models are cost effective solutions to cumbersome legacy systems. Mambu’s cloud-native technology also allows for effortless scalability across all core banking components.

  • Develop efficient teams.

    Mambu’s powerful technology allows your internal teams to work smarter. No longer weighed down by cumbruous legacy systems, your teams now have the freedom to truly be customer-centric. Respond faster and build better customer experiences through every banking touchpoint.

Why choose Mambu

We believe that the idea of piecemeal ‘future-proofing’ businesses should be abandoned. Instead the focus should be on starting to build businesses that are ready for the future right now. Mambu is the only true SaaS banking platform that offers your bank innovative and secure technology. We are an expert, trusted partner with a successful track record in helping financial institutions evolve. We work with you collaboratively at every step. With our proven digital platform, you can create innovative products and services across channels.

  • Powerful agile banking platform

    Instead of locking you into a monolithic core banking stack with hard-coded integrations, Mambu’s cloud banking platform optimises you for speed, agility and freedom. With Mambu, agile principles are integrated into your bank’s DNA, so you can build, test and release new capabilities in days or weeks.

  • Highest standards in banking security

    Our composable banking platform lives up to the highest banking security standards. It’s also compliant with common industry security requirements, as verified and assured by an external certification body. Customer data is processed in state of the art datacenters, assured by a vast amount of related certifications, providing confidence to run regulated workloads.

  • In-house experts to guide you from day one.

    Our in-house experts will guide you through Mambu's configuration and will share industry best practices gained from hundreds of successful implementations.

Don’t take our word for it. See how Mambu enables financial institutions like yours to grow

As the industry leader in cloud banking, we are taking on the $250B market of banking technology worldwide, and service more than 150 customers with over 18M end users.

  • Agile

    ABN AMRO began looking for ways to position itself for the future after identifying key market opportunities. They partnered with Mambu to launch the digital spin-off New10. New10 takes an entirely cloud-native approach, using Mambu as the core banking platform.

  • Digital transformation

    Mambu delivered The Wallet Engine with the desired scalability, agility and speed to market at a fraction of the cost of their legacy core banking system. Mambu’s cloud-native and API-first architecture helped the team to get to the testing stage within a matter of weeks.

  • Launch new products

    ZestMoney collaborated with Mambu to launch a new product in the Indian market. ZestMoney continued redefining its products by leveraging Mambu's composable architecture. The team has since launched new banking products and services at a relentless speed.

Everything that we need is available online, every API is already there and it is easy to do integrations.
Lordelie TapongotAssistant Vice President, Mynt