Cloud banking platform

Legacy core banking platforms were built to lock you into a monolithic environment and cannot adapt to change. Mambu’s cloud banking platform was built for the opposite – composable banking. With composable banking, you compose the bank you want to be and are ready for change from the start.

Meet our cloud banking platform

Instead of tying you down, Mambu frees you to rapidly build new banking and lending services with best-for-purpose, pure SaaS technologies. Mambu’s cloud banking platform is made up of:

  • Banking engines

    The fastest way to create new financial products with powerful capabilities.

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  • Process Orchestrator

    An intuitive way to compose your best-for-purpose solution landscape.

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  • Partners

    Rapidly integrate with the composable banking ecosystem.

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  • Services

    In-house experts guide and share industry best practices.

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  • Security

    Find out how we protect you and your customers.

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  • Composable banking

    A powerful pure SaaS approach to banking and lending services.

    What is composable banking?

For developers


We're pure SaaS. We have a lot of resources available for developers to get the most out of working with the composable banking platform. Your developers will thank you for it.

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