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Legacy core banking platforms were built to lock you into a monolithic environment and cannot adapt to change. Mambu’s cloud banking platform was built for the opposite – composable banking. With composable banking, you compose the bank you want to be and are ready for change from the start.

Freedom, Agility, Speed: instead of tying you down, the Mambu platform frees you to rapidly deploy banking and lending services with pure SaaS technologies. Mambu is the world’s only true SaaS banking platform to help you evolve your business. Plug in integrations for simple, streamlined and automated customer journeys. Configure and integrate instead of coding and customising. Harness the power of cloud instead of on-prem deployments. Constantly improve and be nimble, ready for constant change.

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    Banking engines

    The fastest way to create new financial products and services with powerful capabilities and a pure SaaS approach.

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    Process Orchestrator

    Delivered as a service, MPO is the API-driven banking alternative to traditional business process management tools.

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    Our partner network covers different partner types to support our customers to innovate faster and rapidly provide value.

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    In-house experts guide and share industry best practices. Implementation is simple - we teach you to drive, experience continuous updates instead of painful releases, ISO certification, SLAs to meet your needs.

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    Our cloud banking platform lives up to the highest banking security standards. It’s also compliant with the most important industry requirements, as verified and assured by an external certification body.

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    Composable banking

    Composable banking is a new approach to building banking and lending services that answers the hardest question in banking: how do you build a bank so it’s actually agile?

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We believe that the idea of piecemeal ‘future-proofing’ businesses should be abandoned. Instead the focus should be on starting to build businesses that are ready for the future right now. Mambu is the only true SaaS banking platform that offers your bank innovative and secure technology. We are an expert, trusted partner with a successful track record in helping financial institutions evolve. We work with you collaboratively at every step. With our proven digital platform, you can create innovative products and services across channels.

Mambu. The future of banking is a moving target.

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    Create customer success stories.

    Evolve from traditional modes of customer support, to truly being customer obsessed. With fast deployment, powerful APIs, and easy maintenance, your teams now have time freed up to focus on what truly matters.

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    Be the first to market with new products.

    Mambu’s seamless architecture and flexible platform allows you to build, configure and deploy innovative banking products. Design and launch products without cumbersome legacy systems slowing you down.

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    Be truly agile.

    With Mambu, implementation happens in months, integrations are simple and updates happen constantly. This is your foundation for actual agility.

Everything that we need is available online, every API is already there and it is easy to do integrations.
Lordelie Tapongot
Assistant Vice President, Mynt

  • Agile


    ABN AMRO began looking for ways to position itself for the future after identifying key market opportunities. They partnered with Mambu to launch the digital spin-off New10. New10 takes an entirely cloud-native approach, using Mambu as the core banking platform.

  • Digital transformation

     N26 logo

    Mambu delivered N26 with the desired scalability, agility and speed to market at a fraction of the cost of their legacy core banking system. Mambu’s cloud-native and API-first architecture helped the team to get to the testing stage within a matter of weeks.

  • Launch new products

    Zest - EMI for everyone

    ZestMoney collaborated with Mambu to launch a new product in the Indian market. ZestMoney continued redefining its products by leveraging Mambu's composable architecture. The team has since launched new banking products and services at a relentless speed.

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