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Composable banking

The future of banking has become a moving target. Find out why modern banks and financial institutions are responding to change with a new approach we call composable banking. Download the free guide today.

an introduction to composable banking whitepaper

In this guide

Banks used to be built to last. Today, they need to be built to change. Composable banking is a new approach to building banking and lending services that answers the hardest question in banking: how do you build a bank so it’s actually agile?

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  • Real world examples

    Of how N26 and New10 by ABN Amro built modern banks in a composable way. Learn what makes our customers succesful with our pure SaaS cloud banking platform

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  • Inside composable banking

    Why composable banking matters, what "good" looks like and what it means for different kinds of banks, lenders and financial institutions.

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  • 10 core principles

    Learn what principles govern our approach for building agile, continuously improving banking and lending services today.

We were able to cut costs drastically, creating a fintech hub to meet the needs of experience-focused customers.
Gino Cord CTO, N26

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