Kreditech provides financial freedom to the underbanked

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Kreditech is the first fintech to develop an algorithmic credit scoring model. As a result, they are able to predict creditworthiness of anyone, anywhere - including the four billion underbanked worldwide. Today, Kreditech is on a mission to provide financial freedom to billions of customers through technology.

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Challenging the status quo.

When Kreditech was first founded back in 2012, the fintech described itself as ‘Scoring as a Service’ that was focused on the underbanked and their lack of creditworthiness. At the time, the Hamburg-based team realised that, under existing decisioning policy, the majority of new-to-bank applicants were denied credit. The team set out seeking a solution that would allow to turn a client’s digital footprint into a credit scorecard.

They achieved this by capturing and processing over 8000 big data points in real-time, including location data, web analytics, e-commerce behavior, and device data. The team was able to give consumers a credit score, which retailers could use to give out loans. Kreditech rapidly became the leading provider of technology-enabled consumer lending platform that combines non-traditional data sources and machine learning.

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As the business began scaling, it became quickly evident that their own internally created core banking platform was too costly and inefficient. The team was unable to focus on their key competency, which is high quality underwriting, and instead they were heavily investing in maintaining their core banking system. Kreditech made the decision to pivot and began looking for an existing platform, to replace their legacy core system.

The team evaluated potential technology partners for product fit and for development processes. They were looking for an extremely agile platform with a robust API, that could be easily customised and configured for all of their markets - Spain, Poland, Russia, and India. After evaluating several different options and vendors, Kreditech selected Mambu’s composable banking platform, and successfully launched a short-term lending product in India - specifically tailored to local consumer and regulatory needs.

Since then, Kreditech has become the leading online lender to offer loans to individuals based on their creditworthiness. Their self-learning algorithm analyses big data and calculates an individual's credit score within seconds using up to 20 000 data points. Based on this strong technological competitive edge Kreditech has been providing a range of credit products in selected markets, which includes highly personalised direct-to-consumer loans, as well as its Lending-as-a-Service solution for vendors (LaaS), allowing partners to integrate Kreditech’s credit products via an API into their own platforms and services.

Kreditech’s mission is to provide financial freedom for the underbanked through technology.
Alexander Graubner-MüllerCEO, Kreditech

Today, Kreditech employs over 350 employees from over 40 nations, with 7 offices located in Europe and Asia.

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