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Success Story

Since 2015, Mynt is leveraging its mobile and physical networks of its partners and parent company Globe Telecom, to increase access to financial services through mobile money, lending and newest technology. In order to transform its existing operations and launch new products, potentially reaching Globe's 60 million customers, Mynt partnered with Mambu.

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Customer base

1 million



Mambu's role

Cloud banking platform

Mynt's potential, as a subsidiary of leading Filipino telco Globe Telecom with a customer base of over 60 million, has been considerable from the start. To seize the opportunity, Mynt was looking for a partner to disrupt a market with a staggering 113% mobile yet only 31% banking penetration.

Their legacy platform was unscalable, required slow, manual processes, took up to six months to build a product and was holding the business back. Mynt needed a composable platform that would free them from legacy tech stacks, and would simultaneously optimise for speed and agility.

Mynt chose Mambu's engine because of its integration with APIs and composable nature that allowed to configure a wide range of loan products, adapt to changing customer and regulatory needs.

QuoteUpon migration to Mambu, the business was able to configure over 15 loan products ranging from consumer to commercial. Enabled to scale quickly, Mynt now had a single view of customers and records, and moved away from customised, code-based transactions. Mambu's composable architecture provided Mynt with a sustainable and scalable business agility.