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As a cloud-native service we fully manage your infrastructure in the cloud with partners like AWS to ensure maximum performance, security, scalability and reliability.

Shared or Dedicated Mambu Environment

Save costs in a shared environment with other Mambu clients or opt for higher enterprise controls, access rights and custom update windows in your dedicated Mambu environment in a separate Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Managed Software & Hardware Updates

Fully managed between Mambu and to ensure you’re using the latest, most secure and high performance technology stack under the hood.

99.99%+ Uptime

Auto-scaling systems, automatic failover and exhaustive testing ensure enterprise-level uptimes, publicly reported at

Database Backups & Redundancy

Up to the second database rollbacks, backups and multi-zone redundancy ensures no data loss.

Multiple Sandbox Environments

Develop new integrations, test new products, train new staff or preview new features in a sandbox environment.

Data Privacy Protection

Banking-regulator approved data privacy and information protection policies, processes and procedures. More about security & compliance

Scalable Infrastructure

Automatic horizontally scaling infrastructure from DNS to load balancer over application server to database read replicas and vertically scalable master database server. All delivered as a managed service.

Mambu’s SaaS banking engine lives up to the high banking security standards and it is compliant with common industry requirements, which are externally verified.

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