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Mambu empowers developers to bring changes and results to market in days, not months and allows for rapid adoption of new technologies and process automation.


Simple yet incredibly powerful tools for all essential actions from clients to accounts and transactions. Allowing any developer to drive the Mambu engine programmatically.

Near Real-Time Insights

FastData-enabled Streaming APIs facilitate unlimited reporting, data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities.


Secured conditional notification callouts from Mambu to any external systems allowing for event-driven architectures.

Open Data Dictionary

Fully transparent and well-documented public data dictionary which provides a deep understanding of the data structure for reporting and business insights purposes.

Developer SDKs

Full developer SDKs in every major programming language from .NET to Java, Ruby and Python and OpenAPI Swagger Documentation

Custom Apps

Extend the Mambu user interface via contextual custom apps with your own screens, data fields and forms which can be built and hosted anywhere.

Mambu helps you be platform-agnostic and developer-friendly

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