Agile Software for Maximum Flexibility

Configured Your Way

Your organization is constantly changing. Mambu makes it fast and easy to quickly adopt to different workflows, product and information to meet the needs for any user, department or country.

Such business agility allows you to adjust to changing markets, react to new opportunities and quickly adjust to changes in direction.

And since you can do this easily without IT, these changes can happen in minutes with no cost or efforts wasted.

Seamlessly Scale Your Business

Add a new branch, centre or user in minutes. Design and pilot a new loan product in a day and take your staff of the branch to collect applications and visit clients out in the field on a tablet. Mambu empowers you to work from anywhere at any time any way you like.

Implement Standard Processes

Improve your team efficiency by supporting flexible workflows across roles and geographies while maintaining central control. Grant and revoke user rights to control access and to quickly make sure any new internal process is supported throughout your business with the right data and workflows.

Empower Technology Innovation

Mambu's web standard APIs, Apps and Webhooks mean that any developer will be quickly able to automate manual processes, push and pull data between systems and integrate with other data sources in a fraction the time and cost of complicate & propetiery core banking systems.

Launch New Delivery Channels

The bank branch is being revitalized as new delivery channels like mobile become available. Mambu makes it easy to launch a team of field loan officers, open a support center or enable a mobile banking channel: all with real-time information and no additional costs.