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Automate Manual Processes

Streamline Your Workflows

Accelerate account openings, loan approval and overdue repayment collections with Mambu's streamlined custom workflows. Assign roles to your team and quickly move clients and accounts from one workflow for another as required, ensuring the right people look at the right accounts at the right time.

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Workflow based
Integrated accounting

Real-Time Consolidation

Mambu allows you consolidate key performance indicators as well as accounting in real-time, regardless of location or the size of your business. Whether you want to empower senior staff to review accounts in multiple geographies or generate accounting books in seconds, Mambu's real-time cloud environment eliminates the manual, error-prone, expensive efforts typical of many legacy systems.

One-Click Report Generation

Mambu makes it easy to generate stakeholder reports with just one click. With Mambu's interactive filtering and reporting tools you can build completely customized and branded reports that are tailored for every stakeholder, producing a PDF, Excel or Word document with just one click using the latest real-time data from across your organization.

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Indicator based
Sms email

Automate Customer Notifications

Keep your clients easily updated on account approvals, when repayments are due or a loan has been disbursed, with automatic email and SMS notifications. Create branded templates with customizable placeholders for client details to create a more personal interaction, with a fraction of the effort required to do the work manually.

Automate Business Rules

Mambu's easy to use yet powerful APIs empower your IT team to quickly automate business rules, create custom logic for approving or rejecting accounts or seamlessly consolidate data from any source with Mambu. Our open and flexible architecture means you don't have to be an expert in Mambu to be able to integrate with it, and to reduce the costs and time spent on automation projects to a fraction of what is typically required for legacy systems.

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