Rapid Deployment of Mambu


Simple Implementation

With everything quickly configurable via the user interface, we collaborate with our clients over the web or on site to set up Mambu to support any product, data requirements or workflow. Mambu's user-friendly interface and intuitive design means users can start using it with minimal training and our custom-built data migration tools make it easy to move legacy data into Mambu.

Experienced Delivery Team

We take succesful delivery seriously and have brought together a team that has implemented core banking and microfinance technology in hundreds of organizations across dozens of countries. Our experience lets us spot challenges in advance, professionally manage the process and give you access to our experience of global best practices.

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Low Risk & Cost

Because we own the complete process: from software to delivery we can ensure that everything is in place for you to go live quickly and smoothly. Unlike other banking software companies that oursource delivery, we keep everything in house which eliminates uncertainy, reduces risk and accelerates the whole process from months to weeks or days.

Integrate. Launch. Iterate.

Want to take advantage of credit scoring data, payment gateways, ATM networks or mobile money? Not a problem. We can rapidly integrate with any ecosystem as part ouf delivery process to get you live fast. And once you're live we're always here to help make any changes or let you take advantage of the latest services in your market.