Mambu for Community Banking

Simplify Your Business

Mambu gives small credit cooperatives access to the same level of technology that run banks but without any of the complexity, none of the IT overhead and with far more flexibility and business agility. We make it easier for your credit cooperatives to manage all the challenges of banking and simplify your processes to focus on your members and service: not paperwork and technology.

Empower Your Staff

Mambu's simple, beautiful and intuitive interface means it's easy for everybody to use from executives to volunteers. Putting the power in the hands of your staff will help them better service your members and eliminate manual paperwork, inaccurate data and poor reporting.

What we like about Mambu was the product features that we needed, willingness of the Mambu team to work with us to modify and enhance the product offering and most importantly the commitment and technical help of one of the founding team: Frederik!

Mohsin Mehdi
Credit Union Managing Director, London

Automate Manual Processes

Piles of documents, unclear applications and poor client communications wastes your time and your clients' time. It frustrates staff and management alike. Mambu helps automate manual processes by bringing everything online in a simple, beautiful complete package. From SMS to email notifcations, to loan application workflows and task management we help make your business lean and efficient.

Deliver Better Services

Mambu makes it easy to create and deliver new loan and deposit products that better match the needs of your members. At the same time, we give you the back office tools to make managing these products a breeze. We believe a credit cooperative needs to adapt to the needs of its members and we make it simple and affordable to do so.

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Embrace Online Channels

The world is quickly coming online and your members are expecting the same level of online banking functionality they see from traditional big banks. Mambu lets you easily and affordably create and provide an online portal for your members that simpler and more beautiful than they would see with most banks.

Combined with embedded communications tools like SMS and Email, you'll build a whole new and lasting relationship with your members.

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