Secure Data in the Cloud

Safer in the Cloud

Everyone using Mambu enjoy all the benefits of storing their data online: it's automatically backed up in multiple physical locations, it's protected with SSL encryption and secured from intruders with multi-factor authentication.

Mambu provides the latest full technology stack to prevent and deal with hardware failures & viruses so that businesses can always rest knowing their information is available. Being online also prevents the main cause of data loss: physical theft of hardware, office break-ins or unexpected disasters.

Mambu is powered by a global and proven infrastructure that few organizations could provide for themselves, giving you enterprise level security at incredible prices. With Mambu you're working and building on top of countless dollars and man-hours invested in providing a world-class secure and reliable architecture.

Global Redundancy

All data in Mambu is safely stored on multiple data centres in different regions around the globe. This means Mambu keeps working no matter what happens to the servers and your data is always safe and secure.

Data Security & Isolation

All databases are  automatically backed up and can be restored to any point in time if needed. The data is warehoused and seperated in multiple data centres with the highest levels of physical protection and continuous monitoring and maintenance.

Comply with Regulations

As countries begin to roll out their formal data sovereign policies, Mambu lets you keep a copy of your data in the country and can be run in a private cloud environment to give you complete control over your cloud and data.