Mambu's Dedicated Support

Fully In-House

We consider support as important as our technology and delivery process. If you need help, we won't route you to a call centre but instead you'll talk to a full-time Mambu employee either by email or by phone. They have direct access to your technical team who can dive in deeper to investigate any problem and propose multiple solutions if needed. Even our CEO has been known to help out on support calls.

Dedicated to Your Success

Because it's so easy to use, and requires no IT skills to manage, Mambu customers tend not to require much support. But whether we're describing the latest features in a release, or helping you understand the best settings to use for launching a new loan product, we're always here to help. Afterall, our business is tied to the success of your business.

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Actual Customer Support Feedback

Support StafF

A Human Touch

Our support team collaborates with every other department to ensure any issues you have are resolved. We appreciate that you trust us with your business critical data and that we are an essential partner in your success. Any problems discovered are quickly resolved and then immediately fed back into our product development team, to ensure it doesn't happen again.

And with a multi-tenanted environment, every organization is running the same version of the application, so when we solve one problem for one customer, we instantly solve it for every one of our customers.