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Deeply Know Your Customers

Client overview

Mambu makes it incredibly easy to capture and analyze critical data, helping you better understand and service your potential and current customers. Tailored, detailed, up to date information empowers your staff to act smarter, increase outreach and be more productive

Gain a Complete 360-Degree View

Having client data sitting in folders or across multiple systems drastically reduces your teams' ability to service clients intelligently and your managerial ability to understand your risks and opportunities. Mambu gives you a complete view of all your clients and business in one place. From completely customizable custom field capturing to attaching documents and assigning follow-on tasks, your organization will be empowered to understand your customers from a micro and macro level easily.

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Automate sending customized and branded email notifications, reminders and transaction receipts.


Triggered reminders of outstanding accounts or upcoming payments will reduce portfolio at risk by up to 30%.


Rapidly launch a beautiful, customized online client portal for your customers.

client workflows

Streamline Account Opening

Forget wasting time managing incomplete paper forms, scanning documents and creating ineffeciencies at your branches and in your workflows. Mambu lets you go to where your clients are - capture leads at marketing events, open accounts in the field and process applications through online or mobile channels easily. And with customized workflows, your team will be able to process these accounts at a whole new speed and scale allowing you to simplify work for yourself and your customers.

Segment Your Market

By capturing a rich set of data about your current and propsective customers as well as reporting on behaviour you'll be able to identify new market opportunties. Do repeat customers need larger loans? Could you integrate the business loans with a savings plan for the employees? Mambu helps you identify opportunities and make changes to your products or workflows to ensure you are providing the banking services your clients really want and need.

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Custom views clients


Service personal loans or current accounts


 Manage business accounts with complex relationships


Apply social methodology to group lending or savings

Indicator based

Organize, Segment & Understand Easily

Mambu helps you organize and segment your customer data so you can quickly and easily break down your outreach by age, gender or business and give your staff the tools they need to be able to focus on the clients and accounts: not on struggling with technology. Mambu's simple and easy-to-use interface will empower your staff, keep them more informed and have them spend more time on work that makes an impact.

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