Empower Developers To Innovate

With the rapid penetration of internet access and smart mobile devices, your clients expect to be able to interact with banking service providers, anytime anywhere. Mambu makes it easy to launch services that engage with any delivery channel quickly.

With Payment Gateways

Mambu allows you to quickly integrate with any payment or ATM gateway to simplify your transaction processing and increase your client engagement.

Credit Information

Easily connect to a credit beurau or leverage new Big Data credit service providers to accelerate loan processing and engage with new customers.

Your Staff

Mambu gives your staff the tools they need to engage with clients in the field, in real time, helping them create unique and memorable interactions with your clients.

Fully Leverage Your Ecosystem

Banking can no longer exist in a silo. Customers expect to be able to interact with banking services online, through mobile and through email. Your business needs to find and win new customers while retaining and delighting existing customers. Mambu provides a powerful, flexible platform that's both easy and affordable to integrate with your local ecosystem both today and whatever it may look like in the future. 

Rapidly Integrate and Expand

The banking landscape is changing. Big data is reshaping credit scoring, smartphones are changing client interactions and agents and new payment gateways are redefining how banking is done. Mambu helps you keep pace with your customer expectations by rapidly integrating new services and leveraging new distribution channels to expand. Mambu's speed and flexibility gives you the edge you need to stay competitive. 

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