Incredibly Intuitive

Incredibly Intuitive

The Business of User Experience

Mambu was designed by usability experts by observing banking in action in the branch and in the office. We make it easy to take care of business wherever you are in the most simple, intuitive banking platform ever designed.

Simplicity Over Complexity

Banking doesn't have to be so hard. Mambu makes it easy for all your staff in all your roles to have access to just the information they need and support their workflow to streamline your everyday business.

Sophisticated Yet Easy

Being simple and easy doesn't mean we hold back on power. Mambu allows adminstrators incredible deep configuration in designing forms, workflows and products to support any lending or deposit-taking business.

Involve the Whole Organization

Mambu's beautiful and simple interface means everyone in your organization can be using the system. From support staff to executives, everyone will have access to  same real-time information from anywhere at anytime.

Collaborate With Stakeholder

Granting access to your investors, funders, accountants or auditors can revolutionze the level of transperency you have with your business and introduce new levels of trust and collaboration.

Increase Staff Productivity & Satisfaction

Every individual in a bank spends over 100 hours a month working with information. Mambu helps make this process incredibly productive and helps increase team moral and satisfaction by empowering them to use the best tools to do their jobs well.