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Get your products to market quickly, with no IT expertise required. Easily create, configure and customize your products and begin servicing a complete loan lifecycle with fully integrated workflows & accounting.

Rapid Time to Market

With Mambu, you can launch new loan products into the market in literally just minutes, without help from IT. Spend your time designing, experimenting and tailoring new products, rather than competing for IT resources and wasting significant time and budget just to get to launch. Once your new product is live you can easily tailor it to market feedback and adapt as required.

Robust Product Configurations

With more banks and other financial services organizations moving to service the underserved markets and with new technology changing the game, your business needs to be able to quickly respond to new opportunities. Mambu makes it fast and affordable to quickly launch any new product into markets and leverage new distribution channels to put you ahead of the curve.

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Simplify Credit Risk Assessment

From ensuring your credit officers collect all the critical data points on clients and accounts, to building customized workflows or even integrating for automated credit assesments, Mambu makes assessing credit applications simple, fast and reliable. With Mambu, you can be confident you have data that is reliable, auditable and easily accessible to your credit commitee, so you'll be able to service new markets with confidence and process repeat business rapidly.

Simplify Loan Lifecycle Tracking

Mambu brings your complete loan lifecycle into one place from application creation to approval servicing and eventual closure. With all your data in one place, synchronized, real-time and easily auditable you'll see incredible decreases in loan application processing time as well as a new-found ability to accelerate account opening, manage your workflows and report on your complete portfolio.


Monitor, Manage & Understand Your Portfolio

Mambu gives you all the tools you need to easily monitor, manage and understand your loan portfolio. Create your own custom report views easily without IT support, understand your risk breakdown by PAR or quickly build completely customized business intelligence report with our reporting engine. Most importantly, your team will have access to critical real-time account and client data at their fingertips to manage everything at the ground level.

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Streamline Internal Workflows

Move loan information around simply across your entire organization. With just a simple click an account can be on top of the stack for review, a new opportunity can be assigned to be followed up on and tasks can be assigned and monitored across your entire team. And since everything is in the cloud, your team can access this information from anywhere at any time with just a web browser or even on a tablet: all with complete security.

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Delivery Through Any Channel

Rumours of the death of the branch may be overstated, but unquestionably clients are expecting to be able to interact with their banking services online, on mobile or through agents.

We make it easy and fast to integrate with any service provider in your local ecosystem and quickly adopt or experiment with new channels at minimal cost.

Technology is reshaping the landscape and Mambu allows you to keep up with customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

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