About Mambu

Our Mission

We believe that people and businesses should have ubiquitous access to financial services to help them pursue economic opportunities.

Mambu helps banks, microfinance institutions and other financial innovators to deliver essential banking services to individuals and emerging enterprises around the world.

We do this by providing world-class banking technology built in and delivered via the cloud, that's simple, affordable and flexible for any financial institution tackling any market opportunity.

Our Culture & Values

We believe in an honest approach to business and an opportunity for everyone to collaborate, contribute and make a difference.

We embrace being humble while driving change and innovation.

We believe our team comes first, then our customers, then our shareholders


Our Story

In 2009 we started investigating how technology can help provide financial services to those not being reached by banks. From spending time with banks, microfinance organizations, potential clients and traditional banking technology vendors we discovered a gap.

Legacy banking technology was too expensive, too slow and too cumbersome to help financial institutions service the 'missing middle', the individuals and micro, small and medium enterprises who lacked access to finance.

At the same time, cloud technology was disrupting industries and internet penetration was rapidly becoming the norm even in remote regions.

The solution was clear: bring banking technology to the 21st century, make it accessible to organizations of any size and flexible enough for any market opportunity.

Since 2011, we've been helping more than 100 financinal institutions in nearly 30 countries worldwide, service nearly a million accounts with unprecedented simplicity, flexibility and speed and at an affordable cost.

And we're just getting started.

Our Name

Mambu is the original Malaysian word for Bamboo.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, but only when all the conditions are right. Bamboo has been eaten, worn, used to build bicycles and homes. It is versatile and obtainable to all.

We like how that sounds.

Our Inspiration

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