Open and Extensible Platform

Quickly Integrate With Anything

From credit beaureaus, to payment gateways, ATM networks and banking agents Mambu's simple and open APIs makes it incredibly fast and quickly to leverage the full power of your local ecosystem. And with a rapidly changing banking environment, you'll be well positioned to be the first to take advantage of new channels and new opportunities.

Easily Automate Business Processes

To reach any scale at efficiency, a banking business needs to simplify, reduce and automate manual tasks. With Mambu you can easily assign clients and account to staff, create custom automated loan application processes and send automated email & sms client reminders. All while being able to consolidate accurate real-time data from anywhere and scale up with no IT effort.


Mambu's REST Standard APIs make it fast and easy for any developer to quickly automate or extend the functionality of Mambu or integrate it with any other system in a fraction of the time of legacy propertiery banking technology.


Why should Salesforce and Facebook have all the fun? Mambu's App allows any developer to quickly integrate custom apps directly into Mambu given a seamless extended experience to users when integrating with your built-for-purpose custom apps.


Trigger emails or SMS, launch automated business processes or trigger custom business logic using the simple power of webhooks. Built on web-standard technology, business automation and custom rules are fast to develop and easy to maintain.

Open and Documented

What differentiates Mambu as a cloud business opposed to legacy technology in the cloud is our philosophy of a completly open and documented API and database architecture. This empowers your team to easily pilot new integration initiatives, build incredible custom reports and never feel like you're beind held hostage by your vendor. Of course, our profesional services team is always here to help if you want it.

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Sandbox Environment

Every Mambu account comes with a sandbox environment where you can experiment with new products, try new features or train your staff. The sanbox is the perfect place to try new workflows as well as let developers and system integrators fully build and test applications before launching them on production.

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