Regain Control

Reduce Risks in Your Operations

Improve Data Quality

To reduce your portfolio at risk you need to know your clients and accounts. Mambu ensures high data integrity by setting up internal controls for required fields and applying workflow rules. This can be customized in minutes through a simple to use interface, ensuring staff can capture the critical data you need to understand your portfolio and associated risk.

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Reduce Risk of Fraud

Transparency is a vital component in the fight against fraud. With easy to set up user permissions and transaction limits, Mambu makes it easy to see who is doing what, so that internal risk is managed.

Implement Reliable Processes

With a choice of custom workflows for different roles, reliable processes with the right user access rights will help increase productivity and reduce the chance of rogue accounts or poor decision-making. By ensuring that all loans go through an automated workflow with multiple stakeholder approval, you'll be able to reduce risk at the source.

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Take Action in Real Time

Easily being able to see accounts past due, non-performing loans or a credit officer's ageing breakdown is just the first step in being able to take action. Mambu gives you tools to directly communicate to clients via SMS or email, assign follow-up tasks to your credit officers and manager and assign special roles to individuals to process the riskiest accounts in your portfolio. With proper segmentation, quick action and complete control you'll be able to react to client challenges to reduce risk and improve your services and market reputation.

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Understand Your Portfolio Better

Are some products more risky than others? Perhaps certain branches or credit officers are less diligent about their evaluations or approvals decision making? Is there an opportunity to service new business segments with lower risk profile and bigger market opportunities? Mambu helps you find out. With real-time reporting you can break down your portfolio, understand the risks and take decisive action to move forward with confidence.

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