Mambu for Next Generation Banking

Launch Rapidly Into New Markets

Mambu's agile cloud solution allow you to launch new loan or deposit products in hours rather than months, at a fraction of the cost of legacy banking technology. Mambu provides the complete set of enterprise-level tools, security and scalability you'd expect from a banking system without any of the complexity.

Extend to the Base of the Pyramid

Emerging markets and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are the future unreached banking clients. With the rapid rise of internet and mobile, 250 million businesses and 3 billion individuals are going to be banked by somebody, be it telecoms, retailers or other new players. Mambu gives you the agile tools to enable you to reach these clients faster and with better services.

Every year, banks spends billions on IT projects and yet face the same challenges: obsolete software, high integration costs, complex IT systems.

Mambu offers a disruptive solution to change all this.

Frank Schwab
Former Director for Strategic Development & Innovation, Deutsche Bank
Former Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company

Empower Innovation

Paypal, Wonga and even Walmart are rapidly entering retail banking with innovative new products and services that render retail banks as less relevant every day. Mambu provides a modern, agile technology platform for banks to keep pace, to rapidly launch new products and services and innovate with new technology, new distribution channels or new products.

Experiment With New Channels

Entirely new markets can be reached by using modern online and mobile channels with a fresh brand and without the burden of decades old technology. Clients expect simple, fast and ubiqutious services and Mambu gives you the technology to deliver these rapidly.

Mambu allowed us to come to market with product specification that we and our customers wanted rather than compromise products.

We feel Mambu was willing to be a partner rather than a vendor selling a static product.

Mohsin Mehdi
Credit Union Managing Director, London

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With an estimated 60% of global banking revenue growth occurring in emerging markets, banks are struggling to find ways to service the critical MSME segment. Innovation in agile technology like Mambu and new risk assessment models are facilitating the effort to service the biggest growth banking segment in the decade ahead.

75% IT Spend


Banks already spend more on IT than any other industry, but are still relying on outdated software and infastructure which is increasing costs and stiffling innovation. More than 75% of IT spend is wasted on simple maintenance and infastructure. Mambu's cloud technology lets you venture into the market unshackled from this burden.

Businesses Waiting

Half the world's micro, small and medium enterprises don't have access to essential capital to support their growth. Mambu helps bank rapidly enter into this market and make the most of this opportnity to gain new customers, in an affordable and flexible way.