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Loan Overview

Mambu makes it easy to launch and service a wide array of deposit products from current accounts to savings plans and overdrafts. Quickly integrate into payments and collection gateways to open new market channels and reduce transaction costs.

Streamline Transaction Processing

Mambu makes it easy and fast to process transactions from any source: be it handling cash with tellers, account-to-account transfers or consolidating bank statements. Quickly integrating Mambu into your local ecosystem allows you to service transactions from ATMs, mobile money or any other channel easily, increasing your ability to reach and service your market at low costs.

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Foster Client Loyalty

Managing deposits is about creating strong trusting relationships with your clients. An impressive-looking branch can help, but even more important is the ability to interact with clients on their terms. With Mambu, you can quickly launch a customized online banking portal, to help build trust in your brand and your banking services. You can also send branded SMS messages and beautifully designed email notifications, statement & receipts. Plus, you can automate the system for simple execution, while customizing your communications, to make every client feel valued.

Launch More Products

Quickly expand to loans, overdrafts, savings plans and term deposits and offer a comprehensive banking service to your clients. With Mambu you can quickly design, pilot and then market these services to your current and future custom base. Easily setup with no IT required means that the only barriers to you getting your products to market are the opportunities you can imagine: not up-front costs or technology limitation.

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Simplify Auditing & Accounting

Mambu's all-in-one banking platform gives you a complete view of every transaction, every account change and every update to client information in real time. Complete transparency in your organization reduces the likelihood of fraud, powerful auditing tools allow you to work with regulators quickly and simple fully integrated accounting allow you to manage your balance sheet with complete confidence in your business.

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