The Driving Force Behind Modern Banking Architecture

Mambu has a single code-base which all customers run on around the world which constantly evolves. We offer multiple editions of our services tailored to different functional and operational needs and commercial consideration.

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Integration Platform as a Service

Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) is the API-driven alternative to traditional business process management systems.
This scalable and high performing platform, built around the Mambu core solution, is specifically 
designed to support the creation and operation of modern banking architectures and is delivered as a service.
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Powerful Developer Tools

Mambu empowers developers to bring changes and results to market in days, not months and allows for rapid adoption of new technologies and process automation.


Simple yet incredibly powerful tools for all essential actions from clients to accounts and transactions. Allowing any developer to drive the Mambu engine programmatically.

Near Real-Time Insights

FastData-enabled Streaming APIs facilitate unlimited reporting, data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities.


Secured conditional notification callouts from Mambu to any external systems allowing for event-driven architectures.

Open Data Dictionary

Fully transparent and well-documented public data dictionary which provides a deep understanding of the data structure for reporting and business insights purposes.

Developer SDKs

Full developer SDKs in every major programming language from .NET to Java, Ruby and Python and OpenAPI Swagger Documentation

Custom Apps

Extend the Mambu user interface via contextual custom apps with your own screens, data fields and forms which can be built and hosted anywhere.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

As a cloud-native service we fully manage your infrastructure in the cloud with partners like AWS to ensure maximum performance, security, scalability and reliability.

Shared or Dedicated Mambu Environment

Save costs in a shared environment with other Mambu clients or opt for higher enterprise controls, access rights and custom update windows in your dedicated Mambu environment in a separate Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Managed Software & Hardware Updates

Fully managed between Mambu and to ensure you’re using the latest, most secure and high performance technology stack under the hood.

99.99%+ Uptime

Auto-scaling systems, automatic failover and exhaustive testing ensure enterprise-level uptimes, publicly reported at

Database Backups & Redundancy

Up to the second database rollbacks, backups and multi-zone redundancy ensures no data loss.

Multiple Sandbox Environments

Develop new integrations, test new products, train new staff or preview new features in a sandbox environment.

Data Privacy Protection

Banking-regulator approved data privacy and information protection policies, processes and procedures.

Scalable Infrastructure

Automatic horizontally scaling infrastructure from DNS to load balancer over application server to database read replicas and vertically scalable master database server. All delivered as a managed service.

Mambu’s SaaS banking engine lives up to the high banking security standards and it is compliant with common industry requirements, which are externally verified.

Certifications & Audits

ISO/IEC 27001 certified Information Security Management System, external penetration tests and secure processing in AWS data centers.

Regulatory Compliance

Approved outsourcing by many regulators: full data access, coordinated change management, audit rights for costumers and regulators including data centers, business continuity plan, etc. 

Data Protection

Support of GDPR compliance through data subject right features, data processing agreement, data protection outside of customer's jurisdiction or restriction to customer's jurisdiction. 

Data Leakage Prevention

Implementation of technical and organizational controls, like security-in-depth, need-to-know or least-privilege to reduce the chance of data leakage or loss.

Security Built In

Security is embedded in the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) at Mambu, from requirements engineering, programming, QA to deployment, monitoring, alerting and incident management. 

Business Continuity

Management of security incidents with SLAs for uptime and resolution times on customer inquiries backed by 24/7 on-call staff. Regularly tested disaster recovery plans.