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America Digital Congress 2020

Event, Speaking, Sponsoring

Mambu is pleased to participate in the America Digital Latin American Congress of Business and Technology. Visit our team in our virtual booth on October 14-15.

This October 14-15 the most revolutionary and ambitious ideas of the technology market come out at the 5th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business and Technology.

Join Edgardo Torres-Caballero (Mambu Managing Director, Latin America) to learn about the future of the banking industry in the new technological landscape. This panel will explore how banks must adapt their infrastructure to an ever-changing environment or simply watch their business lose value to younger, more agile, and digital competitors.


Some of the key points will include:

  • How can traditional banks migrate to an agile and scalable infrastructure as fintechs do?
  • How can you take advantage of cloud banking to boost your competitiveness in the market?
  • What is composable banking, and how does it enable the launch of new digital products and services in record time?
  • How to maintain competitiveness and relevance in the market while we go through a path of innovation and digital transformation?

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