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Tech storytelling and hands-on experience in Vilnius. This is your opportunity to get a sneak-peek into the world of scale-ups, and learn first-hand how Mambu enabled and supported its own rapid growth.

Out of thousands of start-ups that are created every year, only a small number survive. Even fewer scale. How can you check your scale-up DNA and what decisions can you make in order to grow?

To give you a sneak-peek behind the curtains, to demystify how scale-ups operate, move, grow, and learn, we invite you to our Scale IT UP meetup organised in collaboration with AmazingStuff.

As Mambu is scaling, we are organically expanding, updating, and improving our service offerings. What approaches have we embraced that make us stand out in the industry? How do we tackle challenges and grow from them?

Join us to get inspired, exchange information, and network over some nice drinks and snacks.