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VivaTech 2021 will feature 4 days of tech focused programming from 16 - 19 June. Three stages will be built in Paris and live-streamed online to three different channels.

Each of these stages or channels will offer several thematic 'shows' for you to watch every day, presented by a team of professional hosts and bringing together the most prominent tech leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers to help you get inspired and better understand what tomorrow will be made of.

16 - 19 June, live-streamed from Paris

Join Sofia, Mambu's Co-founder / People Engagement & Culture Specialist as she talks about how Mambu has maintained a positive work culture, while scaling up.

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VivaTech 2021

Session with Sofia Nunes, Co-founder/People Engagement & Culture Specialist, Mambu
More information on the session to follow.