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Architectsof Change

Fighting Fin & Cyber Crime

On this episode

Meaghan sits down with three pioneers who are battling criminals in cyberspace. While some say fighting cybercrime is a lost cause, our guests say differently. In this episode, we speak with Joël Winteregg, Co-Founder and CEO of NetGuardians, a former ethical hacker, Katerina Tasiopoulou, Business Development Manager at Hack The Box, and Rob Leslie, Founder and CEO of Sedicii. They shed light on why they believe in the battle against fin and cyber crime, how their respective initiatives are making a positive impact, and new technologies to fight the "bad guys". In addition to a few cool stories about the former days of ethical hacking, they share many examples and anecdotes about past experiences and what the future may hold.


We believe in the power of change, and so we’ll bring you stories and hands-on advice from the most inspiring entrepreneurs, the greatest innovators and the serious up and comers, every two weeks on Wednesdays.