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Is the industry ready to acknowledge that business as usual will no longer work in the current environment, and that it is in their own interest to make changes? Join the Financial Times, in partnership with Mambu, and be part of the conversation on breaking down the barriers to reforming the banking industry to make it work for the whole of society.

Thirteen years on from the global financial crisis, banking is once again facing a crisis of trust. But this time for different reasons. Now when banks are needed most to support the post-pandemic recovery, their very existence is under threat as competition intensifies, branches close, and relationships between customers and their institutions become virtual.

On top of this, there is a perception that finance is more disconnected than ever from society, as the industry prioritises scale, profits, and market share. Yet, without the support of the public, banks do not have a function. Built on trust, they now face a stark choice: revolutionise to regain the loyalty of society, or be replaced by those who can.

The Banking Revolution, 19-20 October 2021, Virtual

Check out the agenda and stay tuned for developments, as we announce more speakers and thought leaders in the industry.

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