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Digital SME lending is on the rise. Impacted by the pandemic, small businesses face big challenges. The demand for small business financing is unprecedented, and, in response, SMEs are turning to fintechs as one way to meet their financing needs.

When it comes to accessing fast and fair small business lending, SMEs have been underserved for decades. This has limited their ability to grow and weather a serious financial crisis.

Accounting for the majority of businesses operating worldwide, SMEs are set to play an even bigger role in both economic recovery and job creation post pandemic. This is where fintechs come in.

By addressing the credit gap and offering SME financing, fintech lenders can help realise the untapped potential of SMEs everywhere.

small business owner

To deliver easy on-boarding, instant decisions, real-time balances and multi-channel access, lending has to move into the cloud. To harness smart tools like AI and machine learning, power personalised offerings, mobile apps and digital services and to create great experiences with minimal capital investment and opex.

Stand out

and create niche and targeted SME lending offers. Plus promotional campaigns straight from mobile wallet apps.

Reduce churn

and introduce new SME segments like the next generation of entrepreneurs to a diverse range of products.

Grow market share

and extend the customer life-cycle, keeping expenditure low and ROI high.

SME lenders choose Mambu to:

  • New10 logo

    Self-directed SME corporate finance and very fast, user-friendly processes

    "Running on Mambu not only enables us to focus on scaling and innovation, but it also is a great cultural fit."

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  • IRIS logo

    Colombia’s first neobank to empower SMEs

    "Mambu is essentially the core of our system and it has really sped up the development and go-to-market time for the new platform which was fantastic."

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  • Recognise logo

    Bespoke lending to UK's SMEs

    "We aim to enable our customers with a seamless customer journey powered by cutting edge technology, which Mambu offered straightaway. Mambu has an impressive track record of providing the type of products we need to provide our members with the best services."

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  • OakNorth logo

    Enabling future growth through SME business loan offerings with flexible terms

    "Mambu is enabling us to rapidly bring new products to market and focus our innovation around giving our customers great service."

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One that’s fast, flexible and frictionless, and gives you the freedom to build and grow. Mambu’s platform and composable approach make the orchestration, integration and automation of new functionality and super-targeted lending services, fast and easy.

With Mambu you can build new lending revenue rails, launch user-apps, extend your portfolio and reduce opex without rip and replace to legacy systems, disruption or unnecessary effort. No complex coding. Everything you need is in the Mambu UI.

Mambu. We make financial change happen for SME lenders.