ALMIS International, founded in 1992 by Joe Di Rollo, identified the need for an Asset Liability Management system to calculate total balance sheet interest rate risk. Since then, the ALMIS® system has been developed into a comprehensive, flexible and regulatory compliant software solution covering; Margin Management, Market Risk, Liquidity, Financial Planning, Capital Adequacy, Hedge Accounting and Regulatory Reporting.


ALMIS Modules



ALMIS International has also developed Cobalt®, a treasury management system, to meet the requirements of the modern lending institutions treasury function. This highly secure solution supports Direct Dealer Input, enables segregation of duties and facilitates Limit Management.

Combined with the market leading ALMIS® software, Cobalt® provides a comprehensive single data source solution for the small/medium sized lending institution.

Integration with Mambu

Market Risk, Capital & Liquidity reporting both internally by the client and externally to the regulator involve prescriptive data requirements.

The Mambu & ALMIS partnership ensures that these data requirements are communicated to & captured by Mambu, enabling the data to be presented in the format and level of detail required, facilitating automatic consumption by the ALMIS system. 

This further ensures that the transfer of data from Mambu to ALMIS is undertaken in a controlled, automated and auditable manner.


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