Avoka is a software company focused on digital customer acquisition in financial services and government.  Founded in 2002 in Sydney, Avoka has won numerous industry awards for its frictionless customer experiences that reduce abandonment and drive revenue for banks, lenders and insurers.

Avoka is notable for the agility it brings to large financial institutions pursuing their digital transformation. New customer acquisition initiatives come to market in months, rather than years, and can be continuously analyzed and optimized to achieve the highest customer conversion rates.  

Additionally, the Avoka Exchange offers pre-integrated connections to dozens of FinTech services for identity, fraud, security and payments, creating a single connection for banks to utilize cloud based FinTech services.

Avoka has digitized over 100 million transactions spanning more than 16,000 sales and service projects. Avoka is based in Denver, USA; London, England; Sydney, Australia and Frankfurt, Germany.


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Integration with Mambu

Mambu is seamlessly integrated with the Avoka Transactâ„¢ platform which already includes pre-built connectors for over 40 best-in-class services such as fraud detection, ID verification, digital signatures, and more.

The integration of Avoka & Mambu is focused on being able to capture client information and being able to originate loan deposit products. The integration has been completed and productised so that each connector can be added to the user experience, reducing time and cost to market and de-risking the entire project delivery.

Example Customers


Australian insurer Westpac creates a mobile-optimized customer experience. 

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A Global Bank

A bank serving SME's in over 65 countries decided to transform its digital account opening for customers. 

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