Hi! We're BankBI

We help CEO’s and CFO’s to automate their financial reporting whilst removing their reliance upon Excel spreadsheets.

We do this by putting daily analytics into the hands of decision makers enabling you to track loan sales by branch and loan officer vs. their targets, analyse risk vis PAR reports, produce customer analytics and deliver daily balance sheet and income statements to finance departments.

We do all of this for you using our pre-built software applications so that you don’t have to build it.

We service more than 60 clients in over 40 countries in North America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia.


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Integration with Mambu

BankBI knows exactly what data to extract from Mambu to load into our applications to turn on our pre-built reports and dashboards. The benefits to Mambu users are that you can have reporting and analytics applications working out-of-the-box in a short period of time. Essentially you can subscribe to analytics instead of spending time, effort and cost building an analytics platform for yourself.


Example Customer

Tandia Cooperative Banking


Challenge: Before merging at the start of 2014 to create Tandia Cooperative Banking, both Teachers Credit Union and Prosperity One Credit Union were using Microsoft Excel for their financial reporting. With seven branches each, the feasibility of spreadsheets were in doubt post-merger.

Solution: Tandia evaluated a number of solutions and as part of the selection process, chose BankBI because it's out-of-the box reporting and analytics offered a fast time to value.

Result: With the BankBI system in place, Tandia has a full financial perspective of its operations with an unified view of the financial performance summarised in a concise dashboard. Staff are no longer dedicating large periods of their time on managing financial data, maintaining spreadsheets and constructing reports.