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Fully automated & modular platform to support international collections, conversions & payments. Create custom workflows & embed the functionality into a new or existing application.

A pre-built payment processing engine with liquidity & global payments capabilities:

  • - Collections –issue your customers local bank accounts to simplify collecting funds in US & EUR
  • - Automated FX risk management with real time wholesale FX execution
  • - Straight through payment processing incl. built in validation & compliance processes
  • - Low fees for SWIFT & Local payment networks; guarantee beneficiary receipt values
  • - Automate payment runs with bulk file uploads

Integration with Mambu

For startups building their own banking services, the process is expensive and time consuming.

Like Mambu, Currencycloud is API-driven, which allows users to integrate its out-of-the-box solutions to their own platform without having to build everything from scratch.

  • Benefit from the agility, speed and efficiency of cloud-based technology.
  • Our platform is completely modular – only use the products you need.
  • Alternatively, use our white label Direct platform and get started today

Example Customers


Revolut is a Challenger Bank, allowing customers to send and spend money instantly and securely anywhere in the world.
They set out to challenge hidden banking costs, and eliminate reliance on the old-fashioned banking industry. Revolut faced a hostillity from the major UK banks, many of whom were reluctant to provide bank accounts for money service businesses.
We enabled Revolut to make its vision a reality, negotiating the compliance process with the banks, and allowing for quick bank account set up across multiple countries.
Currencycloud enables Revolut to provide real-time exchange rates and instant currency conversion, to avoid surprise fees for customers.
Global impact: Since launch in July 2015, Revolut now has over 3 million customers across the globe.
Saving customers an average of €30-40 on a €500 spend, Revolut now processes 10,000s of transactions per day, with total volumes in the $bns

Fidor Bank

Fidor Bank was the first Fintech bank in the world and were first to market with a regulated multi-currency eWallet that allows Fidor Bank customers to buy currency, make payments and view balances in multiple currencies.
This facility was made possible by integrating Currencycloud’s Payment Engine capabilities through their API. Currencycloud’s Payment Engine enabled Fidor to rapidly expand their business to include foreign exchange, payments and transfers without having to invest in a costly infrastructure or risk management function. With every FX transaction executed real time, the team at Fidor realised they didn’t need to build their own FX trading function, leading to significant reductions in Capital & Operational Expenditures.
Linking into the API was a quick and simple process that helped to improve their services to customers. The trouble-free implementation shows how seamless Currencycloud’s API is; much easier then connecting to bank APIs that are based on the cumbersome FIX protocol.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank Group is the largest African banking group by assets; US$150bn, and an employee headcount of 55,000. With a history of 155 years, the business is a client-centered, digitally enabled financial organization. It has a presence in 20 countries on the African continent.
Standard Bank customers were looking for faster and more convenient ways to manage their forex and move money cross border. The business’ knowledge and experience of working in Africa told it that South Africans are generally aware of and responsive to the volatility of the South African Rand and foreign exchange rates (FX).
The popularity of disruptive fintechs was on the rise, who were gaining market share, and the bank needed a way to respond to each of these immediate challenges.
A business of Standard Bank’s capabilities could have easily built a proprietary FX and payments platform from the ground up to respond to these challenges and risks to its market share. However, Currencyloud’s payment platform and APIs offered many of the components and necessary infrastructure to build the new product - quickly and easily.
The new payment product – Shyft – was built and implemented in record time. The beta version was up and running in less than three months and in the hands of end users just weeks later


Established in 2015, Monese is a brand new banking service that enables new UK residents to open a bank account with just a mobile phone and a passport – all within three minutes, and free of charge.
The founders of Monese experienced the painful battle of setting up a fintech company, thanks to licensing hurdles and regulatory issues. However, Currencycloud’s well documented API enabled one Monese developer to easily integrate Currencycloud’s Payment Engine Two within just two hours – ideal for a small start-up, looking to scale quickly. 


Monese already has hundreds of thousands of customers coming to the platform to open an account. Thanks to Currencycloud, these customers are given access to smooth, streamlined international payments at the click of a button.


Working with Currencycloud, Monese is able to process international payments smoothly and at speed. Moreover, with costs 8-10X lower than working with a bank, Monese is able to pass these savings on directly to customers.