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Ondato provides photo and real-time video remote customer identification & KYC services combining artificial intelligence & machine learning engines for both legal entities and natural persons. Bank level security, national / international document database access and easy integration as well as 100% process flexibility- the key points Ondato stands out on the market with its solution.


- For Biometric capture and 3D mask saving Ondato use the only certified on the market (EPCS-DEA: Biometric FAR Certification) 3rd party solution. Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

- Facial matching technology (also certified by EPCS-DEA: Biometric Certificate) allows Ondato to make a 3D models of a facial biometric map from a 2D photo (document photo) and match both biometric masks from the selfie and document photo. Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

- For Spoofing detections Ondato use an ISO certified solution( ISO 30107–3: Level 2 Spoof Detection ; ISO 30107–3: Level 1 Spoof Detection). Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

- For Document spoofing prevention Ondato use deep learning engines in pixel distortion analysis / copy-replace detection, analyze the META details of a identificational media etc. Solution is certified and PEN-tested.

- Document full data OCR is performed. Ondato system is trained on 13500 different document types of across the globe and the mechanisms are constantly improving themselves everyday.

- Ondato solution read, decrypt and validate the information on the MRZ zone of a document to make sure it is legit.

- Document number check for Interpol LOST & STOLEN global database.

- PDF417 - barcode format readability form documents that contain such barcode (i.e. USA).

- 3-level PEP screening and information digest provided

- 500+ Sanction, watchlist list screening

- Ondato use unique 3rd party solution (trusted by major companies such as Forex Club, EuroBet etc.) for screening on-boarding customers e-mails for particular fraud-score.

- Upon request as an additional scoring Ondato can provide facial authentication solution. This will enable earlier on-boarded customers to authenticate themselves using their face.

- Identification process or KYC process can be signed (from users side) using qualified electronic signature such as SMART ID.


Integration with Mambu

Ondato is integrated within few easy steps (plugin). We allow customer to adjust the designs to their needs, all the customer needs to do is select domain names & arrange callback URL’s for the start of the identification session and end.

Example Customers

Neo Finance

Neo Finance is included in the public list of the consumer credit providers and in the list of the payment initiation service providers that undertaken to adhere to the principles of good practice, it is also the first platform that is included in the public list of mutual lending platform operators. The company is operating on the basis of the electronic money institution license granted by the Bank of Lithuania.

Credit Info Lithuania

The Credit Info self-service system gives an opportunity to access customer’s credit history independently. If person is well aware of his/ her credit history, they know exactly what information is seen by financial and other institutions. A good financial capability can usually lead to lower interest rates on loans, lower deposit, lower down payment, more favorable financing conditions.

SB Lizingas

SB Lizingas was established in 1997 and was one of the first leasing companies in Lithuania. Already has more than 1 million users who used company service in getting a credit. The company has over 2000 partners and 3000 physical customer service locations around Lithuania.

General Financing

General Financing is providing credit service in Lithuanian Market since 2005. More than 300,000 customers can confirm that by improving their daily routine, helping to achieve their goals, company have learned, grown and improved.