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Onfido delivers online KYC, AML & ID verification solutions for financial service providers

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Onfido is an identity verification service that enables companies to accurately identify users online and assess identity risk. Onfido does this by analyzing information an end user provides about themselves (ID validation), verifying physical identity documents (document verification) and validating biometric inputs (biometric identity validation) from the end user to give companies a measurable assurance that the person is who they say they are.

We help solve the following needs:

  1. Deliver new customers and accounts safely with a streamlined on-boarding process.

  2. Achieve compliance for various industry regulations such as KYC, AML, industry age restrictions and privacy.

  3. Reduce fraud costs associated with identity theft.

  4. Build trust and integrity within client's community to enable tiered services, higher revenue/customer, lower churn.


  1. Configurable to client need: an online identity verification service that can be dialed or tailored to specific needs balancing end users passing through (pass rate) the on-boarding process, identity verification speed, and fraud predictability accuracy.

  2. Unmatched industry fraud expertise: from industry veterans with law enforcement experience providing identity and document fraud knowledge. Their insights inform Onfido’s solution on zero day identity fraud techniques relevant to offline and online fraud incidents.

  3. A unique hybrid, manual and deep learning based approach to service delivery. Onfido’s service marries offline, manual identity and document fraud insights with a proprietary, automatic risk engine based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. This approach ensures a constantly evolving, dynamic solution for delivering efficient fraud accuracy.


Revolut Demo:


Revolut SDK Workflow Video - UK from Onfido on Vimeo.


More Customers Include:

  • Remitly
  • Monzo
  • Monese

Mambu & Onfido

Onfido can be integrated seamlessly with both the onboarding platform of choice (mobile, web) as well as with Mambu to be able to automatically verify identity, provide necessary KYC and AML check and store all relevant information in the Mambu core engine.


Contact us to find out more about Mambu’s partnership with Onfido.

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