Optimus Cards Group is the leader in providing white-labelled, real debit card programs to credit unions and smaller financial institutions throughout the British Isles. We serve financial institutions of any size, seeking flexible and scalable sizing, full-service operational support, and turnkey deployment. Optimus comprises some of the brightest and most experienced, minds in the payment services industry. We believe firmly that distribution size should not prevent banks from offering top-tier card services.

We operate from our headquarters in the UK, and build first-class end-to- end card solutions for financial institutions across Europe. We partner with the best in the industry to put together your custom card program.


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Integration with Mambu

Optimus Cards is a principal member of the mastercard scheme – the only non-Bank in the UK to have achieved this status. We will support all Mambu clients irrespective of size in setting up and managing full card services – debit, credit and own BIN If required.

Optimus fully compliment the Mambu offering by including card services and card support to Mambu customers. We are agile and innovative, and we will collaborate with Mambu to launch new products and services quickly to market with the full support from mastercard.

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Example Customers

First Alliance Credit Union

Launch of real debit card.
First such card for a Scottish credit union.

Tusmor Limited - Banking Consultancy

Card provider of choice for Tusmor clients challenger banks and new entrants to banking sector.

London Mutual Credit Union

Full card services.
Bulk replacement of legacy pre-paid cards.
Range of card products & services.
Full call centre support – all member queries.