SaltEdge & Mambu Partnership

Salt Edge provides Open Banking API Solutions. The company specializes in two core services:

Salt Edge Compliance Solution:
helping banks and other financial institutions become compliant with PSD2 in a matter of months and even go beyond compliance with premium APIs for TPPs.

Salt Edge Open Banking Gateway:
consuming all the available APIs for access to account information and payment initiation. The company provides a range of enrichment services on top of the aggregated data.

Integration with Mambu

  1. The partnership of Mambu and Salt Edge makes the PSD2 compliance solution available to all the ASPSPs among Mambu’s clients wishing to be compliant in a faster and more affordable way than developing open banking APIs in-house.

    Salt Edge offers a complete solution kit that meets all the strict PSD2 and RTS requirements:

    1. API Management Platform for TPPs (AISP, PISP, PIISP/CBPII, Availability API, etc.)
    2. Developer Portal for TPPs (documentation, sandbox, first line of support)
    3. TPP verification system (for eIDAS and license daily checks) and offers ASPSPs an open banking/PSD2 channel for TPP communication for both account information and payment initiation purposes.
    4. Consent Management System
    5. ASPSP Dashboard for live monitoring and TPP management

    The entire solution is connected via a Connector API which is already pre-integrated with Mambu.


Example Customers


Sodexo is a French facilities management company that provides services to large corporates, governments, etc. Sodexo has over 50 loyalty, bonus cards, e-wallets as its direct clients. Salt Edge partnered up with Sodexo to provide PSD2 Compliance solution to all Sodexo’s clients across the EU with different core systems, interfaces, and authentication procedures. Salt Edge has managed to fully implement and deliver the Compliance Solution within 4 months for all Sodexo’s clients.

GT Bank

GTBank is a Nigerian bank with a subsidiary in the UK that has chosen Salt Edge PSD2 Compliance Solution. As part of the integration process, Salt Edge has deployed a developer portal which is identical to GTBank UK end-facing client functionality; exposed AISP, PISP, PIISP retail and corporate APIs for TPPs. Also, Salt Edge is actively supporting GTBank UK in getting the Exemption from Contingency Mechanism at the FCA.

Byblos Bank

Byblos Bank - a Lebanese bank with a subsidiary in Belgium that has chosen Salt Edge PSD2 Compliance Solution to meet all the PSD2/RTS requirements. Besides basic API set (AISP, PISP, PIISP), developer portal for TPPs (documentation, sandbox), TPP checks, and ASPSP dashboard, Salt Edge has delivered the Authentication solution to meet the Strong Customer Authentication and Dynamic Linking requirements, specified in the RTS. Salt Edge assisted Byblos Bank with the application for the Exemption from Contingency Mechanism.

Oval Money

In collaboration with Salt Edge, Oval Money successfully offers its users free services of tracking expenses, saving money, and investing it in a few clicks, with just one simple app. As a fintech startup, Oval had a number of challenges to overcome, including how to access, aggregate, and classify significant amounts of data from financial institutions all over Europe. Salt Edge provided an efficient and reliable solution to these challenges - Global Data Aggregation and Categorization API. Currently, Oval Money is building a community of money-wise Ovalers, regularly offering new service features, recommendations, and tips on saving and investment, while Salt Edge ensures that more than 200 000 users can access their data and evaluate it in an easy to read and understand mode.