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Sum & Substance is KYC/AML platform that helps businesses verify IDs through facial biometrics, document screening and background checks of new customers in compliance to rules & regulation.

We provide not only the most efficient and seamless solution which is easily integrated and set up through mobile or web API but also legal expertise and best compliance practice worldwide which boosts customer experience and eliminates risk of money laundering or costly non-compliance fines. We have more than 350+ clients on board and strong presence in Europe, Asia and CIS countries.

Integration with Mambu

The platform is easily integrated through mobile and web SDKs and API.

The benefits:

- The platform is built on a risk-based approach and follows global and local regulatory norms (including FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS).

- We use the best in class proprietary face recognition and matching technology to perform biometric identity proofing and liveness check.

- 2500+ types of documents from 150+ countries are supported for authentication and verification. Sum&substance is the first in KYC field who can automatically handle documents with local Asian languages — Korean, Japanese, Chinese.

- 100+ databases connected to reference personal details against reference data worldwide.

- Sum&Substance can provide KYC/AML worldwide, with additional background checks in 40+ countries.

Example Customers


Implementation of KYC in Uber's driver onboarding process. Using a vast array of KYC/AML checks such as data document check and background check. Made a fully automated system with improved security and reduced driver verification costs by 40%.



Seamlessly implemented Tokenbox's KYC check directly inside the exchange process. Integration with Telegram Passport for fast and user-friendly onboarding. Introduced a new standard for personal data analysis as a robust anti-fraud solution.


Improved Changelly's mobile KYC of new customers for fast and frictionless onboarding; ongoing AML screening.


Implemented Exness' all-in-one compliance officer workplace allowing immediate and independent checks while reducing 80% of manual work; ongoing AML checks and fraud prevention alerts installed.