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TSWG delivers managed and professional services, digital platforms and systems integration to the financial sector.

Digital Play is an open, flexible, configurable, integrated suite of modules including:

- Internet Banking (browser based)
- Personal, Corporate and Business Banking
- Responsive web design
- Native mobile banking Apps
- Customer onboarding and product origination
- Plus other features

Finally the platform can be extended to include a wide range of 3rd party applications.



Integration with Mambu

TSWG’s technology stack enhances the Mambu solution by delivering the customer facing digital delivery platforms required to build out and engage with your existing a prospective customers

TSWG connects to Mambu via the Mambu API suite. The integration can be productised if required but it is not an existing feature or capability.



Example Customers


RACQ Bank is the newest Mutual Bank in Australia and our flagship customer.  They are the result of a recent merger between our state based motoring association and a Mutual bank and are attracting a lot of interest among their peers as a result of their new state-of-the-art digital delivery suite of products and services (based on our Digital Play Platform)


RAMS is a division of Westpac Banking Group (the 2nd largest bank in Australia) and a long standing client of TSWG.  RAMS has grown its business by almost 30+% in the last year and has been using TSWG’s customer facing technology stack since 2010. Have the eWise account aggregation and PFM technology integrated into their Digital Play platform.

Delphi Bank

Delphi Bank, a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (5th largest bank in Australia) with a focus on serving the very large Greek community in Australia. Heavy bias towards delivering business banking services via digital channels and our flagship client for that sector.