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W.UP is a digital banking company, offering an insight-driven digital sales and engagement tool to empower banks to create real-time, relevant and personalized interactions with their customers. We help our clients increase their revenue through digital channels and enabled them to provide a contextual and personalized experience to their clients at the same time.

Sales.UP, W.UP’s digital sales and engagement tool uses pre-built customer insights to create relevant, personalized and timely interactions with clients. The purpose-built algorithms to uncover customer insights leverage both simple rule-based logic and machine learning algorithms.

Main W.UP features:

- Product & customer behaviour experience.

- Data universe storing aggregated, enriched and derived data.

- Pre-built and configurable customer insights, available in a store.

- Deep knowledge about customer context, behaviour and lifestyle.

- Full solution (data sources, insights, campaign management)


W.UP & Sales.UP:


Integration with Mambu

Sales.UP is an insight driven sales and engagement tool that uses various types of data to analyse customer behaviour. Data is stored, aggregated, enriched and manipulated in the Sales.UP Data Universe where advanced analytic is used to uncover life events and customer behaviour in real time. An important type of data is integrated from core banking system that holds customer, product and transactional data.

Pre-integration to Mambu enables any Mambu clients to run Sales.UP with a minimal effort and to build relevant and personalized campaigns on the pre-built insights delivered out-of-the-box.

Both request-response and web-hook based integration is supported using REST APIs.

Example Customers

MKB Bank Hungary

MKB Bank decided to embark on a new direction for the bank, to become a innovative financial institution embracing fintech solutions from the international market.

Part of this initiative was to empower the bank’s mobile banking app (also supplied by W.UP) to deliver engaging, contextual and real time interaction to customer and deliver tangible sales revenue through their digital channels.

Galperin Finance

Galperin Finance is a new EU based challenged bank striving to beat N26 in their game based out of Poland.

The young and ambitious team is putting together a complete new mobile-only bank, licensed to trade across the EU, to provide full banking services, including lending, savings and current accounts to their customers.

Their business model is data-driven and Sales.UP provides analytics for both internal decision making and to engage their customers with up-selling/cross-selling and engagement campaigns to provide an outstanding customer experience