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This banking innovator wanted a fast & flexible core engine and technology partner that moved as fast as they did.  We partnered with them to quickly meet the needs of entrepreneurial growth businesses in the UK.


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The Story

UK-based OakNorth Bank is the first fully regulated European cloud-based bank serving SMEs and has a loan book of over £1 billion.

It is a bank for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs that aims to provide credit responses 10 times faster than traditional institutions.

To properly meet the needs of entrepreneurial growth businesses in the UK, they needed a radically different approach to customer service than what was available from traditional banks.

This meant merging the best practices of commercial and retail banking with the technical flexibility and dexterity of an online digital disruptor.

They selected Mambu to be the core of their digital architecture, enabling them to rapidly bring new products to market.

It also helps them to focus on innovation around giving customers great service with a level of agility not available from a traditional core banking system.

Mambu allows the bank to make system changes quicker than other banks, often in days rather than weeks, meaning they are able to adapt to the needs of customers and offer solutions where others cannot.

In The Media

Press Release
Bank for entrepreneurs chooses Mambu's SaaS banking engine for faster time-to-market, business agility, flexibility and security.
Media Coverage

OakNorth, a new UK challenger bank targeting small- and medium-sized businesses, has selected Mambu as its core platform provider.

Media Coverage
UK-based challenger bank Oak North has selected Mambu as the engine behind its entire banking operations. 
Media Coverage

A UK-based banking start-up, Oaknorth Bank, which focuses on the SME sector, has gone on the record about its choice of core banking software.

Rishi Kohsla

“Mambu is enabling us to rapidly bring new products to market and focus our innovation around giving our customers great service."

Rishi Kohsla

CEO and Co-Founder

OakNorth Bank

"Mambu has been fundamental in bringing us to the position we are in now. From the beginning, we wanted a provider that was as fast, agile and flexible as we are to be able to drive our business."

Francesca Gandolfo


OakNorth Bank

Francesca Gandolfo