Operate Like A Tech Company

New financial technology is opening up previously unserviceable markets and is raising consumer expectations. But legacy banking technology is just not well suited for this world. Institutions simply aren’t able to build, launch and change products fast enough. Mambu changes this. We give our clients a modern SaaS banking engine that allows them to operate like a tech company rather than like a bank.


New Products

Customers want tailored products, great user experiences and simple fast fully-digital services. Mambu clients can design and launch new products in days instead of months, enabling them to react to market changes with speed and efficiency.


Into New Markets

Technology like Mambu has opened up previously unserviceable markets, powering better digital banking and lending in 46 countries.  Rapid geographic expansion is made possible by a modern lean operating model, delivering innovation without borders.

Start Up

New Ventures

New banking and lending ventures are built in the cloud powered by a modular, API-enabled architecture.  From startups to the digital spin-offs of established players, our technology and commercial model rapid route to market and growth.


Existing Operations

In a rapidly changing financial landscape those institutions unable to evolve will fall behind nimble competitors.  We support our clients’ transformation journey towards a modern, lean architecture.  We help achieve transformation value in months not years.

Editions Tailored To Industry Use Cases

The speed, efficiency and agility of cloud technology are undeniable, the single Mambu code base enables all clients to benefit from regular enhancements whilst being highly configurable. We have created editions tailored to specific use cases to ensure our solution meets the functional, operational and commercial needs of clients.

Banking Cloud

For full-feature institutions, regulated or acting as banks. Available with all core functionality for lending and deposits, developer tools, as well as enterprise capabilities such as SSO. Cloud deployment options, sandbox and staging environment available.

Lending Cloud

For lending organisations including SME, consumer, commercial, small, corporate, mortgages and more. Comes with all core lending functionality and developers tools. Offers a sandbox environment and a dedicated or multi-tenanted deployment.

Marketplace Cloud

For organisations who do P2P or marketplace-style lending this option supports investor tracking, loan fractionalisation with any kind of lending product. High-level SLA with optional add-ons.

Microfinance Cloud

For non-profits, NGOs, financial inclusion focused projects and MFIs, this edition is a cost-effective but feature-rich service. Supports unique microfinance functionality like basic indicators and an Android app with offline mode for in-the-field usages.