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Today’s financial institutions realise that legacy systems and long term waterfall methods of building banking technology is outdated. Customer interests are being piqued by innovative fintechs, creating lucrative untapped growth markets. Rapid pivoting, launching of new products, and a customer-centric approach is revolutionising banking.

At Mambu, we believe in technology that is built for the future. We work with partners to compose the banking and lending institutions of tomorrow with innovative products and integrations. Talk to us about how we bring composable banking architectures to life.

Banking is rapidly changing, with major financial institutions scrambling to implement digital transformation. Banking institutions need a platform that can help them gain the competitive advantage provided by a digital-first approach. Together we can help financial services providers grow, innovate and rapidly deliver business and customer value.

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    Transform your customers.

    Mambu’s powerful composable banking engine allows you to offer truly transformative solutions to your customers. Help them pivot to a digital-first approach, and exponentially grow their market opportunities.

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    Be the first to market.

    Mambu’s seamless architecture, and flexible platform allows banks to build and deploy innovative products at speed. Design, test, and launch products without cumbersome legacy systems slowing them down.

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    Be truly agile.

    With Mambu, implementation happens in months, integrations are simple and updates happen constantly. This is your foundation for actual agility.

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    Easy integration.

    A composable banking architecture — the quick and flexible assembly of independent systems on a cloud platform — provides the opportunity for organisations to create a dynamic platform with intuitive, responsive features that can be quickly and continuously updated.

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    Cost-effective and scalable.

    Working as a collaborative ecosystem that drives innovation and has a customer-centric focus is the only way for banks to win. Flexible, scalable and collaboration-based business models are cost effective solutions to cumbersome legacy systems. Mambu’s pure SaaS technology also allows for effortless scalability across all core banking components.

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    Increase your edge.

    Implementing successful digital transformations in record time will give banks an organic competitive advantage over others that struggle to find the right tools. Mambu’s end-to-end platform allows you to work smarter, and increase the efficiency of teams.

We believe that the idea of piecemeal ‘future-proofing’ businesses should be abandoned. Instead the focus should be on starting to build businesses that are ready for the future right now. Mambu is the only truly agile platform that offers banks secure, cloud-native technology. We are an expert, trusted partner with a successful track record in helping financial institutions and our partners evolve. We work with you collaboratively at every step of the way.

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  • Powerful banking platform.

    Agile is built into Mambu’s DNA. Our platform doesn't lock banks into a monolithic core banking stack with multiple layers of complexity. Our composable banking platform optimizes banks for speed, agility and freedom.

  • No-code / Low-code.

    Mambu’s process orchestrator provides an intuitive interface to design, build and maintain holistic API-driven business processes. Mambu’s extensive resources allow you to find tools, documentation, user guides, API references, and release notes.

  • Experts to guide you.

    Our in-house experts will guide you through Mambu's ecosystem configuration and will share industry best practices gained from hundreds of successful implementations.

Collaboration is at the core of Mambu’s culture, helping our partners achieve the best results for their customers. We work with leading global consultancies including Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, EY and many others.

  • Accenture

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    Accenture is a multinational professional services company that provides services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

  • KPMG

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    KPMG is a leading provider of professional services, including audit, tax and advisory specialisms - delivering integrated solutions.

  • EY.

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    EY operates as a network of member firms in 150 countries and provides assurance, audit, tax, consulting and advisory services to companies.

As we grow in scale and complexity, we increase our investment in people - our key differentiator. We think critically about the impact we want to make.
Elisabeth Brounts
VP People, Mambu

Reach out to us, and our dedicated representative will walk you through how a partnership with Mambu can be beneficial for you.

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